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How to work

For efficient cooperation we recommend to follow simple instructions, that we've made on the basis of our many years' experience:
  1. Fill the Technical assignment (BRIEF) for preparing a FREE 3D model of your project.
Filling the BRIEF helps to define the range of objectives that your Company is planning to achieve, taking part in an exhibition or in a promo-action. Our designers will create several 3D models on your the basis of your sketches and/or project description. It's better indicate real dimensions of your products (in case you're planning to present samples of your products at the booth) and a rough plan of the booth. In creating project 3D models are being corrected according to your wishes. 3D model elements are being changed and combined till the final result corresponds our Customer requirements.
  1. Approve the project variant that you like;
  2. Reconcile the operating budget and sign the documents (the Contract);
  3. Define the printed surfaces' design and lay-out. The design and lay-out of printed surfaces can be done:
- directly by our Customer;
- by means of an outsourcing organization;
- by our design studio;
Our design studio has a huge working experience in this field and can fulfill any Customer's request on a highly professional level.
  1. Approve and sign the test-prints of design and lay-out after the design is made.
  2. Approve and sign COLOUR test-print (in case it was requested and printed);
  3. Portable display and/or exhibition equipment production.
Once 3D model, design and lay-out have been approved and the payment arrived to the Executor's account, your order passes into production. In case of URGENT orders please inform the Executor in advance while discussing Your project or at the very beginning of working process.
  1. Delivery, assembling and disassembling of portable displays and/or exhibition equipment.
Our company provides paid delivery, assembling and disassembling services. In case you don't have enough time, personnel or some project items are too complex to be assembled on your own – we're always ready to provide you qualified assistance.
  1. Portable displays SERVICE.
Portable displays and exhibition equipment are durable on condition that accurate care during transportation and assembling is provided. If, for any circumstances, portable displays and/or their elements were damaged and/or lost, we're ready to repair or substitute them within minimum time span.
  1. Portable displays' UPGRADE.
Our company provides services in upgrading portable displays and exhibition equipment bought earlier. In most cases it's requested when:
- portable displays bought earlier are not sufficient any more for active growth of a Customer's company.
In this case, the existing set of portable displays can be harmoniously added with new items from our product range that's constantly being updated;
- the dimensions of portable displays bought earlier (including pop-up displays) need to be enlarged in width, in height or their configuration must be changed.
It's possible to upgrade many items from our product range, but mostly it's requested in pop-up display series. They can be “enlarged” in height or in width. The display RADIUS and GURVE geometry can be changed, as well as configuration. There are many additional options and accessories that can be installed - shelves, show cases, internal and external light spots, autonomous light spots, spin-down devices for different samples, decorative elements and more.
It's possible to upgrade also all PR series receptions, flagpole constructions Albatros series and many more, but taking into account their technical parameters.
- when a Customer's company is changing corporate style (RE-BRANDING) or launches new products on the market. In these cases the optimal solution is to change the existing photo-panels with new ones, while keeping metal structure /load-bearing elements intact. This allows to minimize the upgrade expenses and not to change drastically the format of participation in fairs or promo-events that is accepted in a Customer's company.
In particular cases, that ought to be discussed separately, portable displays/exhibition equipment can be upgraded according to Customers' special requests, that are conditioned by very specific applications.
Sklyar Vasily
Astroteh Ltd. Deputy director general